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Salon Etiquette

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Confirming your appointment

You will receive a confirmation text message at least 48 hours before your appointment.

If you can’t make your appointment, please call the salon as soon as you can to reschedule. We understand some things are unavoidable and we will try our best to rearrange your appointment.

If you do not reply to our text, email or voice messages to confirm we will have no choice but to cancel your appointment and give your time slot to someone else.

What if you are late for your appointment?

Please call to let us know.

Please be aware that we work on an appointment schedule and usually we have other clients coming in straight after you. As we value the time of our other clients and to ensure our day runs smoothly if you show up late it will encroach on the time we have to spend with you. You may not get your full service, you may be charged for the full service cost.

What happens when you don’t show up?

When booking an appointment for our clients we like to ensure we have plenty of time to provide you with a relaxing experience and have enough time to deliver you the best results.

So when clients cancel last minute or do not show up for their appointment it leaves a very large gap in our schedule.

Not only is this bad financially for our small business, it is also unfair on our staff who were looking forward to seeing and taking care of you, and for our many other clients on a waiting list who would of loved to have that appointment spot

We can not fill an appointment if we don’t have adequate notice.

This is why we will now be taking a booking fee of $100 for any long appointments.

Booking fee

We will now be taking a booking fee of $100 on all long appointments. This amount will then be taken off your total when paying for your appointment.

We understand that in life things happen and appointments sometimes need to be rescheduled. We just ask for adequate notice so that we can fill the spot.

If you cancel your appointment with less then 24 hours notice you will forfeit your booking fee. It will not be refunded or moved to your next appointment.

If you ‘no show’ for your appointment you may be asked to pay the full amount of the service before you can book into our salon again.

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